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Talking to Lucy Rose

The Guide 2 Surrey 05/07/2017 Staff Writer (image credit: Laura Lewis) Indie folk singer Lucy Rose comes to Guildford this September to headline the Park Stage at the second Always The Sun Festival, being held on Guildford’s Stoke Park (8th – 9th September). We caught up with Lucy to talk about tours and her new album ‘Somethings Changing’.Your new album ‘Something's Changing’ comes out this July – can you tell us a little bit about the album and the title? I really feel like I've made the record I've always felt like I could make but haven't until now. It feels so true to who I am as an artist and going forth. It's feels like everything suddenly made sense for the first time when it came to writing and recording this record. I guess that's why it's called 'Something's changing' because there has been so much change and ongoing change in my life recently and it all feels right.    You’ve just returned from a stint touring Latin America, as part of a fans request campaign and have gone off the beaten track, to...

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