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Surrey Styling Adds to New York Fashion Week: Get the Look

Wizzi Seaton 16/09/2013 Staff Writer

TG2Surrey Lifestyle Fashion New York fashion week Clay hair salon Millie Bartlett Matthew Curtis

Surrey stylist Millie Bartlett is back on UK soil after 10 superbly star studded days at New York Fashion Week…

Armed with James Davis’ designed wonder product Herra Hair perfume, Millie styled and sprayed the hair of some of the world’s top models whilst hanging out with the likes of world famous heiress Paris Hilton.

Whilst Millie from Clay Hair Salon, Oxshott waved her wand over the model’s manes from Ivana Helsinki, KYE, Billy Reid and more, head of social media at Clay, Caroline Simionescu-Marin, was busy documenting the behind the scenes action, AAA pass in hand.

It’s never too early to get on trend, so sneak a peak at the spring/summer 2014 looks below and get practising with our ‘Make Like Millie’ tips for next summer’s locks.

Day One

Designer: Ivana Helsinki womenswear

The Look: Chic, floral, earthy 1960s fashion with colourful headwear

The Hair: Ditch the hair straighteners. Think messy accentuated beach waves, grungy ponytails & braids.

Make Like Millie:
Instead of curling the hair as normal, use a wand to curl the hair in two sections.
First use a high heat setting to create tight curls from the roots to mids of hair. Then turn the heat down and loosely curl from the mids to the ends. Hair spray and then brush out very lightly.
Comb the hair into an extreme side parting and secure into a low ponytail. Take a small section from the ponytail (4cm width) and do a simple plait. Proceed to wrap the mini plait around the hair band and then secure with hair slides. And voila! Your very own S/S inspired look.

Day Two

TG2Surrey Lifestyle Fashion New York fashion week Clay hair salon Millie Bartlett Matthew Curtis

Designer: KYE womens streetwear
The Look: Sports luxe. Full white or beige looks using leather and plush fabrics. Think Rhianna, Rita Ora & Beyonce
The Hair: Grungy but sporty. Think side parting with curling details on one side

Make Like Millie:

Style the hair into a side parting, sleek the left hand side with a comb effect and use an ‘S wave’ curling effect on the right hand side before pinning the hair behind the head.

Day Three

TG2Surrey Lifestyle Fashion New York fashion week Clay hair salon Perez Hilton Millie Bartlett Matthew CurtisDesigner: General Idea (GI) menswear
The Look: Sports luxe and monochrome (similar to KYE show)
The Hair: Slick & crisp

Make Like Millie:
Brush moose through the hair and turn it into a side parting. Put a net over the hair whilst spraying hairspray and going over it with a hairdryer. This creates a really crisp look. Keep brushing through and add more gel to harden the hair and slick to the head.

Designer: Brian Lichtenberg menswear
The Look: Fur, leather, lace and extreme tailoring. Monochrome and reds
The Hair: Super grungy but slicked back

Make Like Millie:

TG2Surrey Lifestyle Fashion New York fashion week Clay hair salon Billy Reid Millie Bartlett Matthew CurtisThis is a super grungy look. Start bysectioning the hair around the crown toaccess the next layer below. Sleek a small area into the middle to create a half up,half down look and secure with elastic. Next, pull down the top section over the sleeked sides and back into a waterfall effect, adding gel to give the hair a really wet look. To finish, brush the gel right through to the ends of the hair.

Designer: Billy Reid menswear
The Look: Loose, casual menswear in nudes, browns & whites. Simple and rustic
The Hair: Earthy, natural

Make Like Millie:
With shoulder length hair simply tousle it up and groom it back.

Day Four 

Designer: Frank & Oak menswear
The Look: Gentry with autumnal colours
The Hair: Gentry – ‘Done but undone’

Make Like MC Stylist Harry: Trim the hairline tight into the neck and around the collar and corner of the ears. Leave the hair on top floppy, a kind of natural bed head look. Dry in some moose and use matte wax and hairspray to finish.

Day Five – The grand finale

Designer: Saunders womenswear
TG2Surrey Lifestyle Fashion New York fashion week Clay hair salon Saunders Millie Bartlett Matthew CurtisThe Look: Smart/casual business chic with a Jurassic theme. Pastel blues, beige and bright pinks with bones and leopard print
The Hair: A combined quiffed, back brushed and sleeked look

Make Like Millie: Slick the left hand side back with gel and pin under at the back, under the hair. Back brush the rest of the hair from top to bottom, leaving a strip on the left hand side. Comb the strip back and sleek with gel. This leaves you with a huge quiff. Lean the quiff towards the left hand side and gel in place.
Designer: Falguni & Shane Peacock womenswear
The Look: Couture, extravagant and fit for the red carpet. Colour clashes of floral, black and red gingham, mixed with mesh and embellishment
The Hair: Bleach blonde eccentric bob

Make Like MC Stylist Raphelle: For this look the team bought 100 bleach blonde wigs. Every model wore one and they were cut into a bob and shaped in relation to each models jaw line. Finished with an angled fringe and squared sides. To get this look with your own hair dye it bleach blonde and get snipping.

To read Caroline's full blogs head to Clay Hair Salon. For more pics check out their Twitter and Facebook.

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